Riders Check In (english)

󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮 Quick online registration possible until 17th july

󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮registration on site Friday, July 19,  from 14:00 to 20:00. Riders Check In“ tent near the halfpipe

registration on site  Saturday, July 20,  from 10:00 to 14:00 Riders Check In“ tent near the halfpipe

Riders Check IN Registration  Download PDF here

To make it easier for you to sign up, you can download the registration form and send it back to 17. July 2019 to info@festcup.de. Due to the new EU data protection regulation, we ask you to register by email. That’s how it’s done. You will receive a confirmation email from us in the following days. The data are collected exclusively for the registration of the event. After the event, they will be deleted. If you have any questions, please contact info@festcup.de

Info and Facts 2018:

After a succcessful restart of the vert contest at DAS FEST 2017 we are happy to invite you again → FEST CUP VERT CHALLENGE 2018 ← will happen. Fr. 20.07. – Su. 22.07.2018 > we will be happy to see you in Karlsruhe!

  • A Gruppe: Price purse

FEST CUP Vert Challenge 2018 Preisgeld / Prize Money 💰💵++ 1.800 EURO CASH ++ 💵💰SKATEBOARD
🥇1. Place – 700 €
🥈2. Place – 400 €
🥉3. Place – 200 €
4. Place – 150 €
5. Place – 50 €

🥇1. Place – 150 €
🥈2. Place – 100 €
🥉3. Place – 50 €

    • B-Gruppe, Masters Ü40, Ladies: Stuffprices
    • Inline/8wheels: Stuffpreise
    • Kingsize Vertical Ramp by Vertical CH (detailed info on the ramp ca. April 2018)
  • Starting fee: 30 Euro incl. 3 days entry to all stages DAS FEST (www.dasfest.de/this year the entry fee was raised to 10 Euro/day due to new safety regulations)Side Event 2018: Game of Skate by Rollbrett e.V. (www.rollbrett-ev.de/ Info will follow)

Good to Know:

    • seperate riders-area with amenities & drinking water+WC
    • Catering for riders
    • access for one person as company per competitor into riders area
  • Contest will be organised by Campus-Ramp Crew Karlsruhe (www.campus-ramp.de)

Register online and get:

    • Airport Pickup-Service (+ evtl. Return on Sunday)
  • Unterkunft buchen / book accommodation.  Eine Onlinebuchung ist bis 10. Juni 2018 möglich. TIPP: Das B&B Hotel Karlsruhe befindet sich direkt am Karlsruher Hauptbahnhof. Ca. 5-10 Minuten von der Eventlocation entfernt.

    Online booking is possible until June 10, 2018. TIP: The B & B Hotel Karlsruhe is located directly at the Karlsruhe main station. Approximately 5-10 minutes away from the event location.

Contest Modus Fest Cup Vert Challenge 2018

1. Qualification / 2 runs each skater:  first wall rebate, 40 seconds, best run counts
Cut to 8
Judge criteria: 100 points max
0 – 25 points: bad run
25 – 44 points: below avarage run
45 – 64 points: avarage run
65 – 8 points: above avarage run
85 – 100 points: must have been really good
2. Finals / Top 8: 1 introdution run each rider in order 8-1 of qualification
first wall rebate, no time limit
20 minute jam session, no order of runs, no time limit, no rebate
last run each in order 8-1 of qualification
first wall rebate, no time limit
Judges will determine placings 1-8 of finalists

Protection & Helmet Rules: please wear helmet and appropriate protective equipment / “Skate at your own risk”         

Starter groups:

Vert Contest Skateboard sponsored
[35 Euro inklusive 3 Tagesticket für DAS FEST]

Vert Contest Skateboard unsponsered
[30 Euro inklusive 3 Tagesticket für DAS FEST]

Vert Contest Skateboard Girls
[30 Euro inklusive 3 Tagesticket für DAS FEST]

Vert Contest Inline Skates & Oldstyle8wheelrollerskaterfahrer
[30 Euro inklusive 3 Tagesticket für DAS FEST]

Helmpflicht – bitte Helm und geeignete Schutzausrüstung mitbringen / “Skate at your own risk”

Hinweis für minderjährige Teilnehmer: Bei Anmeldung bitte nur ggf. die Einverständniserklärung der Eltern mitbringen. (Download unten). Die Startgebühr ist am Tag der Anmeldung vor Ort zu bezahlen.


Folgende Richtlinien für den Zugang und Aufenthalt von Jugendlichen gelten für unser Festival:

1. Kinder, die noch keine 14 Jahre alt sind, müssen in Begleitung einer erziehungsbeauftragten Person sein. Hier können Sie sich das Formular zur Erziehungsbeauftragung herunterladen. Bitte beachten Sie die Hinweise im Formular >>

2. Jugendlichen unter 16 Jahren ist die Anwesenheit bis 22:00 Uhr gestattet. Nach 22:00 Uhr ist die Begleitung einer erziehungsbeauftragten Person erforderlich.

3. Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren ist der Aufenthalt bis 24:00 Uhr gestattet.

4. Der Veranstalter hat durch geeignete Maßnahmen (z.B. Ausruf, Zugangskontrollen) dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass die Auflagen eingehalten werden.

YOUTH PROTECTION GUIDELINES The following guidelines for the access and stay of young people apply to our festival: 1. Children who are not yet 14 years of age must be accompanied by an educated person. Here you can download the form for the educational application. Please note the information in the form >> 2. Adolescents under 16 years of age are allowed until 22:00. After 22:00, the accompaniment of an educator is required. 3. Young people under 18 years of age are allowed until 24:00. 4. The organizer has to ensure that the requirements are met through suitable measures (for example, exclamation, access control).